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"5 years ago today I released my first ever rap. Back then it was just a joke. Some fun with friends talking about stupid shit. That day I never would have thought that I’d still be doing this. I never would have thought that I’d now be studying music and for the first time in my life actually enjoying school. I never would have thought that this music would be one of the very few things keeping me alive. Duality: “As hinted at by the word ‘dual’ within it, duality refers to having two parts, often with opposite meanings, like the duality of good and evil.” This song and video represents two personas that are constantly battling within my head. As some of you know and others are about to find out, I’ve been battling with depression for quite some time now. People who have never experienced it don’t seem to understand that sometimes you can’t just “cheer up”. Even though I’m sometimes aware that I could go do something and forget about things for a while at least, I still sometimes do not have the ability to pick myself up and go do it… It’s like a part of me wants to stay sad and feel defeated. A part of me wants to be happy and grow and become a better person and hopefully one day win back the love of the only person who ever truly understood me; the only one who made me truly happy. At the same time another part of me wants to wallow in my pain and darkness and search for temporary escapes and releases through drinking, drugs, sex, and masochism. That part of me thinks I deserve to suffer for things I’ve done in the past. People have often expressed confusion about the way I act, and tell me that they don’t understand. They tell me to move on. They tell me to stop letting myself get so sad. I lack the ability to explain how I feel to them, so instead I’ve decided to show them through music and film…"

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  • Hip-Hop



Voices by Fester

(Im not) Okay by Fester

Fallen (Remix) by Fester & The 47th Hokage

DEPRE$$ION by Fester & The 47th Hokage

(Im not) Your Friend by Fester & The 47th Hokage

This Could Be Us (Remix) by Fester & The 47th Hokage

The Professor - S.Q.U.A.D.

Cold Don't Bother Me (feat. Fester, the 47th Hokage) - Johan, the Rhymer