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"Ismaël "DJ Hipnotik" Obas - The Heartbeat of the City

Walk with me and gain a little insight as to what DJ’ing means to DJ Hipnotik... When his father past away, he lost his heartbeat. Who would have known that a small gift of a DJ controller, given to him a few years ago by his friend, that led him on a journey of self discovery? DJ’ing soon became his outlet and eventually, with lots of practise, DJ Hipnotik graduated as a surgeon on the Mix, emerging with a new heartbeat, that pumped music through his veins! Being a DJ became a new found outlet for his expressions, through spinning hip hop, free-styling, live performances and working in his recording studio. Music has always been a passion for Hipnotik. And now, through his mixing, it's as if he communicates his emotions without even speaking. Making his audience feel his sentiments while being led HIPNOTIK’ly to the dance floor, hence the name DJ HIPNOTIK. Passion, when properly nourished, becomes a burning flame that cannot be extinguished. Hipnotik's birthplace is Montréal, Canada. A diverse city, rich in terms of culture, style and musical tastes, and he is proud to be a representation of his hometown. Get to know DJ Hipnotik, the music will move you."

Skill Set



  • Electronic
  • Hip-Hop
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Soul



Jumpin N Dancin Vol.1 by DJ Hypnotik

Cruise Control Vol.1 by DJ Hypnotik

Drop It Down Low Vol.1 by DJ Hypnotik