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Carl-Evans a.k.a BiggyBoy was born in a middle-class neighborhood in the east-side of Montreal. Raised by a single mother and the middle child of three siblings, he grew up in a religious home where music flowed daily. His older brother, at a very early age, introduced him to Hip-hop and music in general where he learned the different styles and purpose of the musical art. Jay-Z, DMX, LL Cool J, Lauren Hill & many other artistes were mostly what he grew up listening to, and the moment he heard his older brother was in a rap group, something clicked. That day, he wrote his first 12bars, not because he had a calling but to show encouragement. After that he never really gave it attention. Music still was something he couldn’t pass a day without and was surrounded by it; his neighbor became a part time beat maker who constantly shared his passion with him, his brother had all the latest XXL magazines, music albums & mixtapes, his mother was part of the church choir and got him to learn and play the drums. Carl’s passion for music grew while he was experiencing his first high school years. This new chapter grew questions that started influencing his perceptions on life and that’s when he used his creativity to express himself and find answers. Through out the years his style of writing and delivery mostly reflected those of two main artistes ; Jay-Z & Project Pat. Because of the simple use of his words that defines the complexity of a situation & the variety of flows and vocal modulations that delivers the emotions of his lyrics. Since 2014, BiggyBoy composed 3 mixtapes; Backseat Thoughts: Freestyles & Influences, MoonRoofVision: Stars & Wishes and Tinted Tints. He published 6 music videos and had 9 performances in the city of Montreal and in the region of Longueuil. BiggyBoy’s music career just started introducing itself and is slowly flourishing in the musical industry. He is currently working on new sounds, projects and expending his horizon to become a successful and accomplished international Hip-Hop artist.

Skill Set



  • Funk
  • Hip-Hop



Gold Shine by BiggyBoy

Ubers EveryWhere by BiggyBoy

Protect Ya Neck by BiggyBoy

HotlineBling (In-Studio Performance) by BiggyBoy

Tinted Tints Compilation by BiggyBoy

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