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About the Collective

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Some background info

Recording Arts Canada is a boutique digital arts college with campus locations in Montreal and Toronto. Since 1984 our mission has been to help guide upcoming talent in the sound and music industry and to give them the tools they need to excel in a profession they love.

A couple of years ago we extended this mission to music artists and performers. The RAC Concert Series is an environment for these artists to showcase their talent at frequent and well-attended showcase events. These are strictly non-profit events and exist to serve as promotional tools for the bands, and as staging experience for RAC's Sound & Music Recording students.




With the surge in popularity this event has seen over the past year, we decided to add more wattage to the initiative.


We realized just how powerful an opportunity we have to provide these great bands with a platform to showcase their work to a bigger audience. Recording Arts Canada's online community is growing rapidly and includes at least 35,000 people through RAC and an additional 50,000 that participating feature artists bring to the mix.



Strength in numbers

This is not a label. This is a Collective. Bands who join the Recording Arts Collective are joining an exclusive environment that breeds unity, collaboration, and cross-promotion, and which garners exponential growth at an unprecedented rate.

In addition to providing our bands with the Collective platform, we've created a blog to provide a continuous stream of new, high-quality music to our audience that reinforces our mission of promoting great new talent.

Interested in finding out more? Drop us a line.