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Lofsky - Dying to Live ft. Felly

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Lofsky - Dying to Live ft. Felly
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A highly talented upcoming hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, legacy musician, and current RAC Toronto student from Newmarket Ontario, Lofsky's upcoming track "Dying to Live ft. Felly" is set to drop October 20th on iTunes and Soundcloud. Lofsky, who has an impressive 35 tracks in his wake already, is a serious worker and student of the industry. Perhaps more impressive, though, is his approach to hip hop world; his lyrics are largely introspective and supportive, and address some of the serious issues he's encountered in his life with respect to drug addiction, mental health disorders, and suicide.

You can track this release.

The video excerpt is from the official music video for Lofsky's "Nuke The Whales", shot and edited by Fork Lift Co.

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