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Scholarship Opportunities At RAC

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Students are encouraged to take steps to improve their career potential and strengthen the community. This sentiment is reflected in our scholarship opportunities.

Beyond the financial aid options available, we offer three scholarships that we feel promote a strong student body. Take a look at each below, and get in touch with one of our academic advisors for more information on these opportunities at each campus.

Career Plan Scholarship Opportunity

Students who demonstrate a comprehensive career plan are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship to RAC.

Students at RAC have the privilege of joining an elite network of staff, grads, and fellow students, all of whom are highly driven and motivated by a concise career plan. Having a career plan that leads you to achieving your future aspirations while addressing your current strengths and weaknesses is a key success factor for any aspiring professional across all industries.

At RAC, we encourage students to create a plan for the future that takes into account your end goals, as well as your current skill set and level of experience. We offer a reward in the form of scholarship money to those who best demonstrate how serious they are about their career and their education at Recording Arts Canada.

How can I qualify for the scholarship?

You'll have to meet with one of our academic advisors and present your career plan in a one-on-one interview. The interview lasts 15-45 minutes long, and consists of a Q&A session intended to assess how thoroughly you've planned for your future in sound & music.

Criteria that matter

Considering these points when building your career plan will help you prepare for a successful interview.

  • The depth and level of detail of your career plan & aspirations, including benchmarks you've set to assess your progress along the way
  • The quality of your timeline, when you hope to achieve certain benchmarks or stages of your career plan
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the skills, experience, and knowledge required to achieve your career plan
  • Ability to demonstrate a sober self-evaluation and what you plan on improving to close the gap between where you currently stand and what you need to accomplish your end goals
  • Ability to recognize potential hurdles and setbacks, and how you might overcome them

Criteria that don't matter

The following points do not count towards your evaluation.

  • Your current level of skills & expertise
  • How lofty or optimistic your goals are (as long as you can demonstrate how you intend to achieve them)

Community Leadership Scholarship Opportunity

Students who leverage their role as artists to represent and strengthen the community they serve are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship to RAC.

You have a unique opportunity to apply both your aptitude as an RAC student, and your influence as a local artist, to a "pay-it-forward" model with the intention of spreading music throughout your community. Community leadership can be manifested through a vast range of actions, from offering lessons to underprivileged community members, to providing technical workshops and mentorship to at-risk youth, to pursuing social entrepreneurship that aims to build stronger musical community roots on a macro level.

How can I qualify for the scholarship?

The first step is to meet with one of our academic advisors and discuss your intentions with respect to community leadership. What types of actions do you think can serve the community best? What evidence do you have to support your position? (Strong community leadership addresses issues that the community itself identifies as an issue, not necessarily what you assume is an issue). How does your skill set, both as an artist and as a person, compliment the actions that've been identified? Your community leadership can come in the form of an individual venture charged by personal experience or through RAC's Community Leadership Program.

Individual ventures

An individual venture is an action plan that you've devised to address a local social issue that's important to you. With the help of an advisor, your venture, if approved, will be co-ordinated and implemented during your time as an RAC student.

RAC Community Leadership Program

Our leadership program offers various opportunities for you to give back in ways that best apply your strengths to those who could use it the most. Inquire within for more information.

Outstanding Artist Scholarship Opportunity

Students who demonstrate spectacular artistic ability, insight, or a highly impressive portfolio are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship to RAC.

RAC's staff, grads, and studios are responsible for over half a billion tunes sold over the years. The pedigree of everyone in the RAC community is world class, and we seek out future students whom we believe can contribute to this standard.

How can I qualify for the scholarship?

A meeting with one of our advisors is required, whereby you'll be engaged in discussion with respect to sound & music theory, techniques, opinions, and philosophy. In addition, you must submit your portfolio and/or a suitable demonstration of your talent.

Entrance Requirements

Learn more about what it takes to become a student at Recording Arts Canada.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees differ depending on the program, campus, and whether you'll be applying as a domestic or international student.


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