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Sound & Music Recording


Additional Specializations

  • Advanced DJ Tools
  • Performance & Technology
  • Advanced Business Development

The Centrepiece Program

Built around a project-based curriculum that pushes students to create & collaborate.

Sound and Music recording technology has undergone tremendous change, and the music business continues to evolve rapidly. RAC helps aspiring and creative individuals gain a competitive advantage by training them in our world class studios and cutting edge digital labs. Over 50% of that training time at RAC is spent working hands-on with the equipment and working with our instructors.

RAC's program revolves around practical hands-on instruction. Our students are composers, recording engineers, mixers, beat makers, recording artists, foley artists, sound effects designers and live sound engineers. RAC program designers, teachers and guest lecturers continue to make us proud; recording, mixing and producing projects that have won Grammy, Juno, Golden Globe and Gemini awards.

RAC has cultivated an intimate and sensitive learning environment that encourages students to creatively explore and experiment. Our highly successful approach to learning has helped our students develop impressive sound and music recording skills. The objectives and contents of the Sound & Music Recording program revolve around developing solid skills in digital sound production, music recording, computer-assisted sound design, electro-acoustics, MIDI, music for film and television, post-audio, and surround sound mixing and recording. Our Sound & Music Recording program reflects all of the major components of the rapidly evolving audio production universe.

Master contemporary studio and in-the-box production techniques

Create, publish, and market your own EP.

Learn how to produce electronic music using the latest technology and tools, both in-the-box and with RAC's fully equipped world class recording studios. As a student in the Sound & Music Recording program, you'll learn the techniques used to produce masterful tracks across the vast landscape of the modern music scene. You'll also learn to create your own high quality samples, use plug-ins and processors, mix and master tracks, compose music scores, learn how to market yourself, how contracts, royalties, and rights work, and the ins and outs of both the recorded & live music sectors.

How will you accelerate your career?

  • You'll receive specialized training in music production, with emphasis on both in-the-box and studio techniques.
  • You'll create your platform, release an EP, and start to build an audience.
  • You'll network with industry stand-outs and Grammy-winning masters at our workshops.
  • You'll take part in three concerts.
  • You'll join our creator network called RAC Collective.
  • You'll have access to studios, A&R, distribution, and marketing services.