Seats available. EDM, Hip hop, Film Scoring and Sound Design Demonstrations @ RAC Toronto Studios OpenHouse Saturday, October 15th at 2:00 pm

RAC Toronto is hosting an Open House on Saturday, October 15th at 2 pm. Instructors will be demonstrating some of the skills taught at RAC, skills used by the best Music Production pros around the world. EDM, Hip-hop, Film Scoring and Sound Design production demonstrations will take place in RAC Toronto’s 5.1 Surround Sound Lafont Mixing Theatre, The Live Floor and Neve Room, our state-of-the-art Computer Lab and 5.1 Surround Sound Lecture Theatre. You’ll get a clear picture of RAC’s cutting edge and holistic approach to education. The need for Sound and Music continues to explode with the growth of the independant music industry, specialty television channels, streaming services, independent video and film, podcasting, game sound design and music composition, websites, satellite and terrestrial radio and on and on. Music and Audio professionals are required for all of these areas and the many new areas that will continue to develop. RAC doesn’t just follow the ball; we know where the ball is going. How are we so sure? At RAC, we have over 30 years of a proven track record in the industry and as educators. The RAC team includes over one thousand successful graduates, and industry professionals who have contributed to the sale of over 50 million albums and sales of 600 million tunes. RAC is in a class by itself. Our community, network, accomplishments and environment is "the" place to be for people serious abou their music and development. To reserve a seat, call (416) 977-5074 or email us at: What's Your Dream Gig?