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Game Design

The Game Design Diploma Program at RAC has been carefully crafted to prepare each graduate for rapid entry into the Video Game Industry. The program focuses on those skills that are in the highest demand within the field. Beginning from the "ground up", under the assumption that the student has no prior experience, each needed skill set is developed thoroughly and rapidly. While the demands of the program are high, the rewards are equally as high for participants who are serious about molding their Game Industry Careers.

Toronto and Montréal have become the jurisdiction of choice for the world's top video game production companies. Ubisoft, Warner Brothers and Electronic Arts are three of many "big" players in the game market with studios in Toronto and/or Montreal.

Throughout RAC's Game Design program students are involved in the creation and production of all aspects of video game development, and will produce their own unique game project that will become the cornerstone of their Industry Career search. RAC students design and develop a complete, original game and are fully responsible for every element of the final product.

RAC's Game Design program runs for a total of 44 weeks on a full time basis. Classes run 5 days per week on a 4-hour per day basis. Each day is broken up into a combination of lecture, hands-on computer lab work and project development time.