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Electronic Music Production

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Additional Specializations

  • Advanced DJ Tools
  • Advanced Business Development
  • Performance & Technology

Master contemporary studio and in-the-box production techniques

Create, publish, and market your own EP.

Learn how to produce electronic music using the latest technology and tools, both in-the-box and with RAC's fully equipped world class recording studios. As a student in the Electronic Music Production (EMP) program, you'll learn the techniques used to produce masterful tracks across the vast landscape of electronic music including breakbeat, dubstep, electronica, hardstyle, hip hop, house, IDM, techno, and trap. You'll also learn to create your own high quality samples, use plug-ins and processors, mix and master tracks, compose music scores, learn how to market yourself, how contracts, royalties, and rights work, and the ins and outs of both the recorded & live music sectors.

How will you accelerate your career?

  • You'll receive specialized training in music production, with an emphasis on in-the-box techniques.
  • You'll create your platform, release an EP, and start to build an audience.
  • You'll network with industry stand-outs and Grammy-winning masters at our exclusive workshops.
  • You'll take part in three concerts.
  • You'll join our creator network called RAC Collective.
  • You'll have access to studios, A&R, distribution, and marketing services.

Semester 1

  • Creating Loops & Beats
    Logic X, Reason, Ableton Live, Push
  • Synths & Midi-Controllers
    Push, keyboards, devices
  • Plug-ins and Processors
    Plug ins, virtual instruments, studio processors
  • Composition
    Structure, arrangement, hooks, melody, groove
  • Music Theory
    Learn the fundamentals of harmony and rhythm


Semester 2

  • Electronic Music Production
    Contemporary in-the-box techniques
  • Studio Production
    Recording techniques & working with other artists
  • Mixing
    Advanced mixing approaches
  • Mastering
    Creating radio ready music
  • Post Production
    Introduction to the world of foley


Semester 3

  • Live Production & Performance
    Owning your stage
  • Music Business
    Standard industry contracts, royalties, & rights
  • Marketing
    Promoting your brand, publicity, social media channels, & video presentation
  • Visual Aesthetics For Branding
    Basic web design and graphic concepts to strengthen your image





The reason students choose RAC is for what we offer beyond the classroom.

What you bring to RAC: raw talent and passion. What RAC brings to you: the production skills and community you need to take your music from laptop to market.


An environment that lets artists grow as artists.

Your learning environment at RAC serves not only as your classroom, but as your stage, platform, and network.

In addition to the curriculum, our students have exclusive access to these amazing resources.



Industry masters, including Grammy-winning producers and engineers, come to RAC to share their knowledge and scout for emerging talent. Featuring seminars, Q&As, cyphers, and mixing and networking sessions, RAC workshops have been host to several Grammy-winning producers, engineers, artists, as well as program hosts, festival programmers, and radio producers.

Workshop Promo

RAC Collective

Finding your way alone in the industry is extremely difficult. At RAC, you have the unique benefit of joining an already-established and diverse web of like-minded creators. Our ever-growing network of artists, producers, engineers, beat-makers, and sound recordists across all genres gives you an instant family of talented potential collaborators and cross-promoters.

Collective Sample

Publishing & Management

Before you leave RAC and with the help of our organization, you'll have created, produced, mixed, mastered, and released your own project as part of the curriculum provided. You'll have your own artist website, a profile on RAC's platform, and a social media presence. We also offer post-graduation artist development, A&R, and distribution services to those who qualify.

Student Recording Session



Work with the best. Learn from the best. Become the best.

Check out some excerpts from the latest RAC Workshop, featuring two Grammy-winning mixers and RAC guest lecturers who came out from LA to share some advice, host a mixing seminar, and scout the local talent.

Steve Baughman & Mauricio Iragorri's credits include: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Game, Snoop Dogg, Usher, Michael Jackson, Pussycat Dolls, Obie Trice, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, D12, Destiny's Child, Pink, and more