Eddy Brarhovwe: Elevating Nigeria's music scene

Eddy Brarhovwe is a songwriter, keyboardist, vocalist, and coach whose career before attending RAC largely centred around the Gospel Church. Eddy is originally from southern Nigeria, where artistic growth and expression is promoted heavily. The south is where many of Nigeria's musicians, comedians, actors, and performers are cultivated, so for Eddy to grow up singing in a gospel choir and develop into a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is nothing out of the ordinary. Rhythm is woven into the fabric of African culture, and Eddy approaches his music that way - he distinctly plays harmonic instruments like the piano with a percussive feel. He has a long history working as a choir coordinator and competition coach, as well as creating jingles and doing voiceover work.

Eddy's ultimate career goal has always been to elevate the Nigerian music scene. Despite his musical roots, however, he's never really understood sound beyond the impact it has on a listener. This is an industry-wide problem in Nigeria which, he says, lacks the infrastructure—specifically money, studios, and training—to really support people like Eddy who want to bring the local music market to the world stage. He realized that if he wanted to make a bigger impact on his community, the next step he needed to take was to venture outside of Nigeria in order to come back with something unique to share with it.

That's when he decided to move to Toronto.

He relocated to Toronto with his family and enrolled at RAC to learn about music production: how to capture and process sound; how to leverage the physical and virtual production tools available today; and how to turn musical ideas into marketable products. Eddy plans to translate those skills into production, coaching, and advertising services in Nigeria, spreading techniques and approaches imported from an older and more established industry to his colleagues in the local scene. He sees this as his contribution to a big push by many from his region to make Nigeria a globally-competitive music market.

Eddy is optimistic about the next stage of his life.

"It may sound like a cliché, but I think what you're passionate about is a good indicator of your future. And if you have a vision, you might not even know how you would realize it, but your passion will drive you through a learning process until you make it."