Dimitri Marshall: From Putting Out Forest Fires to Putting Out Video Game Trailers

Once a passionate forest firefighter, Dimitri Marshall has now taken up sound design, pursuing his life-long passion outright with a job in the video game industry.

What initially sparked his interest in music was attending an electronic music festival in Nelson, British Columbia where he grew up.

“I remember hearing Dubstep for the first time and was super interested in how they made those sounds and wanted to do it myself,” Marshall said, which led him to start experimenting with music creation.

After working for a few years on his compositions, he came to accept that there were some gaps in his skills and techniques. While continuing to work as a forest firefighter, he longed to have an education in music and confront the technical challenges that he was facing.

One day at work he had an epiphany: the path he had chosen, while lucrative and exciting, was losing its appeal. He understood that he had to make some major life changes to get to where he wanted to go - which was an occupation in sound.

Faced with the decision between living in Montreal or Vancouver to broaden his horizons, he ended up choosing Montreal for its diversity, affordability, and vibrant music scene.

“The people are extremely friendly here,” Marshall explained, discussing the unique culture that Quebec has compared to the rest of Canada.

Like many of our students do, Marshall decided to visit the RAC campus before he enrolled in the program in the fall of 2017. “I came and met with many of the teachers, who gave me the confidence that they had the resources I needed to accelerate my career and get the support I needed.”

Marshall came to RAC not only to learn, but to develop his creative network. Among people that he got to add to his network was fellow student and singer Zina Cantave.

“I got to collaborate with Zina on her music video, where I got to mix her song and manage the production,” Marshall said elaborating that this project was a key piece in his portfolio that got him hired at Ludia, a Montreal-based video game company.

Ludia’s gaming portfolio consists of some of the most recognized games in the business, spanning Jurassic World™ to Kung Fu Panda: Battle of Destiny.

Marshall has personally worked on an advertising trailer for Warriors of Waterdeep from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

“Get your foot in the door and gain some experience and make sure to specialize in the thing you are most interested in,” Marshall said, before commenting on how amazed he was to have learned as much as he did in one year.

He has since realized that “after pursuing something that you are most passionate you will make it work ” regardless of speculations, distance, and knowledge.

Marshall is a great example of an RAC alum who transformed his life through his career. He is grateful he can do something he loves and use what he has learned in the past for his current job today.

Regardless of the job you currently face every morning, if it doesn’t excite you, it might not be the right fit. Most people don't discover their true calling until much later in life - it’s never too late to make an adjustment to your own career path when that realization occurs.

We are hosting our Open House on June 4th in Montreal and June 5th in Toronto; where you too can find out too how to make your passion a career. Whether you are leaning on how to enhance your current skill set or start your career altogether - a relationship with RAC can help with that.

We will go over the technical aspects of sound mixing, producing, and recording where you might even get the chance to meet some of your potential classmates.

We can’t wait to meet you and find out how we can help prepare you for a career in music and sound!