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Digital Media

Welcome to RAC Digital Arts College. RAC students learn Digital Media by studying some of the most innovative techniques on industry standard software applications. Digital Art is the amalgamation of technology with ideas, art and design. The digital world has had a tremendous impact on our everyday routines. Automation, dazzling graphics, information, animation, it all just keeps coming at us. With every square inch within our sightlines being commercialized at an astounding pace, the demand for Digital Arts creators is exploding.

What is digital media? It is the combining of technology with ideas, art and design. It is everything from web design, DVD authoring, 3D graphics, and digital audio/video production to multi-media based entertainment and internet distributed content. Digital Media has become one of the fastest growing industries of our time. RAC’s Digital Media diploma program has been developed with assistance from industry experts. RAC’s Digital Media studio is an impressive environment our students use to communicate their ideas with the world. The internet, e-learning, games, web sites, films, broadcasts, they all use the latest in digital media technology to bring it all together.

You’ve probably already spent hundreds of hours surfing the net, conceptualizing and creating designs for posters and custom CD covers, or maybe even recorded a song or shot a video for your local garage band. RAC will give you the tools and knowledge you need to further develop these skills and give you the competitive edge. The recently released 2010 Ontario Provincial Budget contained many sector specific statistics.

Not surprisingly, Ontario is the leading province for film and TV production, as well as sound recording activities. Despite the global recession, creative industry jobs increased by nearly 3% while most other industries experienced serious declines. The industry spent $1 billion last year in Ontario alone, which is a 40% increase over the last year. It's clearly a good time to enter the graphic design industry.

Now is the time to turn your creativity into a career you love. Recording Arts Canada (RAC) can help you get started.