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Individual Courses

Creating Loops & Beats

Tools: Logic Pro X, Reason, Ableton Live, Push, Maschine.
About: A course to raise your creative ceiling, eliminate the frustrating limitations of self teaching and youtube videos.
How: Acquire a fundatmental understanding of the amazing tools found in today’s most powerful music creation apps with the help of talented production professionals.

Electronic Music Production

Tools: Logic Pro X, Reason, Pro Tools.
About: A course on contemporary in-the-box production techniques; understanding what you are doing, not just blindly turning virtual knobs.
How: Creating from scratch an instrumental track, recording vocals, processing, and mixing-in-the box.

Studio Production

Tools: State of the art Recording Studio, Live Room and Control Room.
About: This course is all about recording techniques & working with other artists, as producer and/or session player.
How: You will participate in live recordings of vocals, drums, guitars, and other overdubs. Learn proper miking techniques, signal flow, and how work with live musicians in a recording session.


Tools: State of the art recording studio, Surround Sound 5.1 Mixing System.
About: This course is all about advanced mixing approaches. Master the art of blending a dozens of tracks together to create the ultimate mix. 
How: Getting to work in a real, world class studio, not just working with your laptop. This course is a study of EQ, signal processing, effects, compression and many other tools used in a mix.


Tools: State of the art recording studio, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X Mastering Suite, various plug-ins.
About: This course is all about creating broadcast ready music.
How: Using powerful tools and a critical listening environment (The Control Room) you will learn how to optimize levels, compression, EQ, and other effects using various plug-ins and processors, in order to deliver the best possible final product and create continuity from track to track in an EP or album release.

Post Production

Tools: State of the art recording studio, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, THX and Dolby certified mix theatres.
About: This course is about the world of creating and sculpting sound for film, video, and games.
How: By using a dedicated post-production studio, foley stage, props and DAWs you will learn about Foley, Dialogue Replacement, Sound Effects Design, and Surround Sound Mixing.

Music Business

Tools: Access to Music Industry Marketers, Agents, Publishers, and Reps. 
About: This course covers Industry contracts; from streaming to online music libraries, royalties, rights and understanding current Intellectual Property (IP) law; defining, developing, and promoting your brand.
How: Creating your EPK (Electronic Press Kit), maintaining a large presence on social media channels, monetizing your work, and identifying appropriate revenue streams.

About our institution

RAC operates two accredited post-secondary private colleges and a world renowned music production organization. With campuses in downtown Montreal and Toronto and additional studios in the Laurentians and British Columbia, RAC has recorded Grammy winning albums and dozens of internationally successful artists, and launched the careers of passionate students from around the world for 33 years. For those who thrive in a world of music, creativity and technology, we provide the tools, environment, and network needed to launch a career in sound and music.




Create, publish, and market you own EP within the core curriculum.



Students obtaining an RAC education can expect to:

  • Receive specialized training on their chosen instrument (major).
  • Receive 360 degree training through the core music production curriculum.
  • Build an immediate network of potential collaborators and colleagues.
  • Exclusive access to RAC Workshops with industry gurus and Grammy-winning masters.
  • Produce and coordinate three live concerts.
  • Join our creator network called RAC Collective.
  • Have access to studios, A&R, distribution, and marketing services in the future.