Join RAC Graduate and instructor Patrick Steele, as he further demonstrates a beginners tutorial on programming the EXS24 sampler. Patrick goes through the process of importing his own samples to create an original and authentic sound!

How can I further manipulate my drum tone with the EXS24 sampler?

The EXS24 sampler has a few functions that can allow us to change our drum tone drastically. We can roll off some top end with its filters to get a hip hop vibe, or turn on the fat knob and slam our samples! When using these functions don’t forget to activate each parameter, you will find an “On” button nearby for the filters and the “Fat” button for drive.

Time to lay down a drum take!

Before you record your first drum take, logic requires you to arm the track first. You can achieve this by clicking the ‘R’ button on the appropriate channel. Once it turns red your ready to go! To allow yourself to get into the grove of the beat, give yourself at least one or two bars of pre-roll before your punch in.

Benefits of using midi!

After we’ve recorded our drums, midi allows us to fine tune our performance. If we played the wrong part or got sloppy we can easily correct this in our midi editor. Highlight any mistakes and delete them from the performance and replace it with the correct part. Using quantize, we can play around with a few functions. We are given two sliders named strength and swing, both are dependant on the grid. Depending on the complexity of the drum performance, you need to assign the grid to an appropriate value. Setting the grid to 1/8th note will be less accurate, if your performance requires 1/16th note. Adjusting the strength will move your notes closer to the grid and manipulating the swing slider will slightly offset your notes to give the performance a less robotic feel. It’s important to time align our drums first, or else it will be difficult to play along. Now that we’ve corrected our drum performance, we can now record our bass track.

How can we get our bass to cut in the mix?

Logic has a cool plugin called Distortion II. Its a simple plugin with three knobs that allows you get a basic overdrive tone to the nastiest distorted bass tone. If we just want our bass to cut a little more, we can lower the drive knob, boost some tone and adjust the gain for taste.

Taking our beat to the next level?

Logic is packed with cool features, another one is the drummer track. For this track we will use the electronic setting and Ronnie produces some cool beats. Using this track can allow you to create a crazy drum beat or something basic. For this tune we will lower the fills and adjust our parameters so we don’t have anything distracting the listener away from the essence of the song, the voice!

How is using the drummer track not cheating?

The drummer track allows you to convert its file into midi. You can now manipulate whatever the drummer track created for you and adjusted it for your beat, making it your own!

Features like the Drummer Track can inspire you to create your own beat, allowing the possibilities to become endless when also using the EXS24 sampler together.

Keep a look out for part three!

Happy Mixing!

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