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Recording Arts Canada is more than just a college.

The Recording Arts Community is a family of industry veterans, sound and music pros, aspiring music creators, students, and high schools, all based out of Montreal and Toronto. Here's what's going on in our community:


Tried-and-true concepts & techniques, delivered in under two hours.

If you are an inexperienced or aspiring music creator, producer, or sound engineer, online self-learning is probably your main educational resource. The problem is trying to effectively navigate an ocean of online information without taking a decade to feel like any significant progress has been made. Our workshops are designed to equip you with relevant, actionable material straight from domain experts with decades of pro experience.


High Schools

Free high school resources to set young students on the right track.

We understand the significant challenges all educators face when it comes to bringing new-economy technologies, skills and opportunities to their students. Class field trips, workshops & seminars, online courses, and seminars for teachers are some of the resources that your school can tap into.


Goodmusic MTL / T.O.

Collaboration, networking, production, and promotion for local music creators.

We support the local music creator and performer community by offering collaboration, networking, production, and promotion opportunities. Recording sessions at our studios, creator contests, an ongoing concert series, and a new online showcasing initiative are all part of our continual effort to boost the community.


The Record

Thoughtful articles and tutorials written by our team of mentors.

The Record is a publication written by Recording Arts Canada's team of mentors to provide advice, industry insight, and techniques based on real-life professional experience.



Recording Arts Canada staff, alumni, and other domain experts.

Mentoring the next generation of music creators, producers, and sound engineers is at the core of what we do. Students come to RAC to learn from the aggregate experience of all the staff, past and present, at both campus locations.



Q&As with guests like alumni, teachers, employers, and other industry insiders.



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