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14 Jun

Pineapple Destruction: The Man Behind The Pineapple Mask

Pineapple Destruction, who wishes to conceal his true identity, is a recent graduate of RAC and electronic music DJ; born in Rimouski and raised in Ottawa where he got his start in music creating and experimenting with beats.

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31 May

Dimitri Marshall: From Putting Out Forest Fires to Putting Out Video Game Trailers

Once a passionate forest firefighter, Dimitri Marshall has now taken up sound design, pursuing his life-long passion outright with a job in the video game industry.

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21 May

Jordan Duguay: From his recent misfortune to his early beginnings and what the RAC philosophy means to him

Despite landing what was arguably one of basketball’s greatest moments this month, Kwahi Leonard from the Toronto Raptors is known for his zen approach to life, detaching himself from all of the highs and lows of working in an emotionally demanding industry.

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27 Nov

Recording Arts Canada Student Review: 2013 RAC Montreal grad and Juno nominated Roxanne Potvin

Originally from Hull, Quebec, Roxanne has laid roots in Montreal and is a 2013 graduate of RAC Montreal.

"The idea to come to recording school came very suddenly. Last summer, I was sort of reflecting for a while on what my next step was going to be.

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16 Oct

RAC Student Review: Patrice Lavoie

I was on tour with Prince recently and I had the opportunity to be part of the team that was giving a concert at the White House for President Obama. I met the president and his wife. Very impressive, at least for me as a Canadian! Lol. It was a memorable experience.

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10 Jul

Recording Arts Canada Student Review: RAC Montreal Grad Renaud Bonneville

Renaud Bonneville is a freelance location sound recordist in Montreal. The RAC Montreal grad discusses his journey and some of the films and projects he's worked on.

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10 Jul

Recording Arts Canada Student Review: RAC Montreal Grad Patrick Rioux

"A couple of months after graduating, I got a call from the Studio PR. They’re involved into dubbing English into French, and audio editing. Exactly what I learned to do at RAC!

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10 Jul

Recording Arts Canada Student Review: RAC Montreal Grad Alexis L. Lemay

"I was fortunate to be hired by RDS through an internship offered by Recording Arts Canada for RDS. Since November 2014, I’ve worked in television for the Sports Network RDS, as an assistant audio technician".

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30 Jun

RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews featuring Leyshan Grant

RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews featuring Leyshan Grant of Turks & Caicos.

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