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If you're currently enrolled at another institution, or have recently taken courses at one, you may qualify for exemption from certain courses at RAC.

What is unit equivalency?

Unit equivalency is when a student who wishes to take the RAC Sound and Music Recording program qualifies to be exempt from taking certain courses. For example, if you have some prior field experience or have taken courses at another institution, you may be eligible to receive unit equivalency to apply towards your RAC education.

Who qualifies?

If you have taken similar courses or completed a related program at another institution, you may automatically qualify for unit equivalency. If you have received informal training or have some working experience in sound and/or music, you can request equivalency testing to determine whether or not you are already proficient in course competences delivered at RAC.

Can I find out if I qualify for unit equivalency?

You can find out if you qualify for unit equivalency at RAC by:

  1. Completing the form below and speaking with an admissions counsellor.
  2. Upon speaking with a counsellor, RAC admissions will determine if you qualify automatically, or if equivalency testing will be required.
  3. If you qualify for equivalency testing, this step will take place after Step 3 of the admissions process.

Find out if you qualify for unit equivalency

This context will help our admissions counsellors follow up with your file.