Star Hip Hop Artist manager Steve Lobel @ Recording Arts Canada

Recording Arts Canada would like to thank Steve Lobel for coming out to RAC Toronto and for delivering a fantastic workshop earlier this week. Lobel is a legendary Hip Hop artist manager and music mogul best known for managing multi-platinum recording artists like Bone Thugs n Harmony and many other artists like Soulja Boy. Lobel is an iconic American artist manager, executive producer, production manager, television host, author & entrepreneur from Queens, New York.

Lobel's management career started out with Jam Master Jay from Run DMC. From there he went on to work with Eazy E, Bone Thugs, Three Six Mafia, Common Sense, Fat Joe, Big Pun, the Outlawz and most recently with Nipsey Hussle, Sean Kingston, Iyaaz, Mann and others. The list of people Lobel has worked with is extensive. This is top shelf Hip Hop impresario. For RAC students, it was a great chance to find out more about the Urban music market and a get a foot in the door with one of the industry's top artist managers.

During the event, grads/attendees were given the chance to demonstrate their rap skills to Lobel, followed by a keynote speech and Q&A where he discussed the hip hop industry and what it takes to become successful.

We have compiled a series of short excerpts from the workshop, which you can watch in full as they're uploaded here.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Episode 1: Spittin'
Series: Steve Lobel Workshop @ Recording Arts Canada


Grads/attendees at the Steve Lobel workshop at RAC Toronto were given the chance to demonstrate their rap skills. Here's recent RAC Toronto graduate Justin Harris laying down a few bars for Lobel and the audience.




Monday, August 10, 2015

Episode 2: Stay Humble
Series: Steve Lobel Workshop @ Recording Arts Canada


In this second clip from the Steve Lobel Workshop series, Steve discusses the unfortunate truth that just because they're perceived as idols doesn't mean they're good people. By extension, Steve stresses the importance of staying kind and humble throughout the journey to fame.