RAC Montreal Workshop feat. Zac Monson Nov. 9

Stingray Music content manager for electronic music, program host to over 140 million listeners, and RAC grad to host workshop Nov. 9 @ 12:30 pm @ RAC Montreal.

Zac Monson is the international content manager for electronic music at Stingray Music, as well as the creator and host of his own show PausePlay, pandering to an audience of over 140 million.  Zac has a diploma in Sound and Music Recording and Production from RAC Montreal, having graduated in 2006. He also owns a recording studio in Montreal where he writes music for television, film and commercial projects. Zac will discuss his journey, the music industry, the electronic music scene, streaming and what he thinks talented indie electronic music artists should be doing to develop their careers.

Zac will also provide valuable feedback and analysis to the music of 2 electronic artists to be selected for this event. If you would like to submit your music and have Zac listen to it during this session, please include links in the form found on this page to be considered. This is a great way for you to get valuable exposure. We only have time for two artists, so send in your links and info asap.

Zac Monson’s whole life has revolved around music: from his humble beginnings as a solo acoustic guitarist, to his ever-growing passion for electronic music that crumbles club floors. He grew up playing violin, guitar and piano in a household filled with the music of Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac and Boz Scaggs.

Zac is always looking for new artists and music styles to broaden his horizons. His library of favourite music is constantly changing, but some of his favourite artists at the moment include Rudimental, Kidnap Kid, Adventure Club, Richard Beynon, Bobby Tank, Disclosure, Bondax, Deadmau5, Paul Simon and Tchami.

Some of Zac's work: