RAC Montreal Concert Application - August 4

Recording Arts Canada's Concert Series is just one of many exciting events hosted by RAC, featuring some very talented music artists. The event provides exposure to accomplished industry professionals and representatives for both the bands/artists and RAC students. The aim is to help everyone involved build bridges to the industry and assist in the advancement of their careers.

The performers are given constructive feedback on their performance and a chance to win free studio time at the Recording Arts Canada world class studios located in Old Montreal and Toronto. The Recordng Arts Canada Concert Showcase Series has featured both label acts and indie artists, with a range of musical styles that cover Alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, Electronica, Indie Rock, Roots, and Urban. Recent events have featured Clay & Friends, The Vare, FM Hi Low, Ben Cardilli, Soul Street, Tracer Flare, Syzzors, Foreign Diplomats, Amasic, Stefanie Parnell, Eliza, Brittany Kwasnik, Be Astronaut, James Taylor, King Karoshi and Tofu Stravinski.

Please enter all of the requested information in the Concert Series app form, and we'll review your submission.