RAC and POP Montréal

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Recording Arts Canada is proud to sponsor the 2010 POP Montréal International Music Festival.

POP Montreal is a festival that was founded by people who love music and live performance. It is an event to help musicians, performers and artists gain critical exposure. 

It is also an innovative event that celebrates Montréal’s amazing music and cultural scene, helping it to grow and expand it's reach. 

Recording Arts Canada is honored to be associated with and have the opportunity to present POP Montréal. RAC and POP Montréal encourage our community to create, perform, produce and dream. It is our goal at RAC to continually sponsor and help develop the musical and artistic expression of our community of creators. We believe in the passionate pursuit of one's dream or career. 

Another of RAC’s goals through this collaboration with POP is to educate and inspire RAC students by offering them access to a diverse range of music  performances as well as other forms of cultural and artistic expression. It is an ideal environment for RAC’s students to network with both up and coming and established musicians, producers and engineers in the industry. 

Our participation will allow our students and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and skills with distinguished and esteemed studio professionals such as Howard Bilerman and John Simon. You'll find these two gentlemen have an immense record of musical and recording accomplishments. Through shows, master class sessions, and symposiums our students will have access to exceptionally creative people who will have a lot of insight to share. 

These events are always held in an atmosphere that defines Montréal’s artistic community, so this should be quite an event ! We will have more updates and news to share with you in the days and weeks to come.