Finding The Best Graphic Design Schools

So you want to get into graphic design? Graphic design and digital media is a well established high growth industry. Getting your graphic design career started is as simple as knowing where to go get the best graphic design training. There are some excellent graphic design schools through-out the world, so it is important to find the best fit for you.

RAC (Recording Arts Canada) is a Digital Arts College with a highly respected Graphic Design School. RAC's Digital Media program of study helps prepare an aspiring graphic designer, digital artist or interactive web-based production professional for a fruitful career in graphic design.

The graphic design industry is growing. The recently released 2010 Ontario Provincial Budget contained many sector specific statistics. Not surprisingly, Ontario is the leading province in Canada for film and TV production, as well as sound recording activities. Despite the global recession, creative industry jobs increased by nearly 3% while most other industries experienced serious declines. The industry spent $1 billion last year in Ontario alone, which is a 40% increase over the last year. It's clearly a good time to enter the graphic design industry.

When choosing a graphic design school, it is important to do your research given the significant investment you will be making. Visit the design schools that you think will help you develop the graphic design skills you will need to succeed. Ask questions. Expect concrete answers from the schools. Find out about the facilities, visit the design schools, talk to the teachers and review the curriculum. Look for the best fit to meet your needs. Graphic design is a great career, with plenty of opportunity and potential. Choosing the best graphic design school is a big decision. Take your time, it is in your best interest to do your research.

For more information on RAC's Digital Media program and graphic design studies, please click here.