10th edition Recording Arts Concert Series Preview: The bands

The bands have been chosen for the upcoming Concert Series performance at La Sala Rossa in Montreal on August 4th. Stefanie Parnell returns with her new duo Bound and Tethered, alongside three acts who are brand new to the Series. Here's a preview of each act:

Bound and Tethered

One acoustic guitar, two voices in harmony. Montreal duo Bound & Tethered (Stefanie Parnell and Chris See Hoye) hope to strike a chord with audiences with their brand of country-folk. Fueled by conviction and honesty, Bound and Tethered create a familiar, yet refreshing sound, stripped down to reveal the bare essentials of their songs.


Sivell is an original band from Trois-Rivières. The band was formed in 2010 following a warm and artistic connection with Florent Sivell, David Leclerc, Johan Strohmeier and recently, Michel Blais.

Armed with totally different life experiences, combined with musical influences (Blues, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Rock) from the current "carriers" of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, Sivell managed to merge all these styles to achieve a kind Rock & Folk.

Sivell sings the relations of everyday life, human existence, solidarity and denounce injustice. These themes are developed with a light touch accompanied by catchy melodies and eclectic, to get to "vibrate" people.

Nomads On Wheels

Nomads On Wheels travel through their era like modern day adventurers, accepting no compromises. In their quest for absolute freedom, the Nomads let us in to their world where rules get broken, laws reversed, and where fatality rules. Amy Rick (guitar and vocals),Tristan Gagnon-Marceau (bass), Jo-Annie (keyboard), and Chloé (drums) make up the Montreal based alternative rock band.


Newdayz is a young group of French pop reggae fusion. Having debuted in 2013 as the Nodly Dayz with their EP Freed, the group of four music lovers back in force and more inspired than ever.

This independent group draws inspiration from world music and mixing genres. Of course since training is from different roots such as Guadeloupe and Haiti. It is by merging their different musical styles that were born the parts and the band's sound.

The creations of the training are diverse and versatile thanks to the opening of its members on the world, the latest of the moment and according to their varied tastes.Newdayz The musicians describe themselves as free, liberated, eclectic and original.