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You will have a hands-on experience of industry standards facilities, and our training programs are regularly updated to reflect the most recent concepts, technology and techniques of the industry. RAC’s also ensures an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, because places are limited in our program. Students can dialog with their teachers and benefit from strong hands-on practice on professional equipment.

Yes! Our programs are designed so that each student has time to have a part time job. Many of our current students have part time jobs as sound engineers, game designers, and digital media artists. RAC students are able to find a balance between working and keeping up with their studies while at RAC. International Students must apply for and secure a working visa as well as a study visa if they wish to obtain employment while studying in Canada.

RAC offers personalized tours every day. Please contact our Admissions Representatives to book a tour or simply email us at toronto@recordingarts.com or montreal@recordingarts.com.

Students are divided into small lab groups and assigned various time slots throughout the day for their lab hours. Students will receive their schedules upon registration so they can forecast their personal time well in advance. Students with part time jobs are able to commit to a regular work schedule. RAC’s scheduling format also ensures a favourable student-to-teacher ratio and accurately represents the realistic demands of the industry.

RAC accepts between 40 and 88 students per start date, depending on the semester. Labs are scheduled at various times for students throughout the day to ensure favourable student-teacher ratios and extensive hands-on access to all the gear.

RAC instructors are some of the finest pros around and boast impressive credentials. Many have years of experience in recording engineering, game design and digital media production. A number of them have earned or worked as sound engineers on Grammy, Juno, Golden Globe and Gemini award winning projects. These industry professionals are part of the RAC team because of our reputation as the country’s leading Digital Arts School.

The acceptance of RAC credits by other colleges and universities is determined by the institution (private or public) that the student is applying to on an individual basis. The factors that determine the transfer of credits usually include curriculum outlines, the student grades and attendance. RAC’s Director will provide, upon request, academic credit information to those students seeking additional education upon graduation. RAC's Audio School, Game Design School and Digital Media School are all very well respected by other institutions.

Canada is a land of exceptional beauty - and opportunity. There are many reasons you might want to study in Canada and here are just a few:


  • For 8 years in a row the United Nations has ranked Canada as one of the best places to live in the world. For 2004, Canada ranks 4th in the world
  • Canada enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, a safe environment and a modern health-care system with equal access for all.
  • Canada is a member of the G8 group of countries.
  • Canada is one of the world's best-educated nations with a broad network of public and private schools, and more than 100 universities and colleges to choose from.
  • In 1971, Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy, affirming the value and dignity of all Canadian citizens regardless of their racial or ethnic origins, their language, or their religious affiliation.
  • Canada is a great place to do business. Besides its vast resources, it is the largest trading partner of the United States and has excellent trade relationships around the world. The Canadian dollar exchange rate is favourable to U.S. & international students.

RAC colleges are inviting and friendly, yet make no mistake, this is a highly focused learning environment where bright minds pursue the limits of their creativity with ambition and enthusiasm. RAC is one of the finest audio, game design and digital media schools in the world, and our graduates have a competitive edge.

Please ask to speak to an RAC Admissions Representative about filling your application. Please specify whether you are interested in our Audio School, Game Design School or Digital Media School.