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RAC provides some of the most advanced career training in Sound and Music Recording.

RAC’s instructors and guest lecturers are active industry professionals working in a wide variety of disciplines. Students are plugged into a great wealth of experience via these industry pros. Guest lecturers include successful studio owners, creative directors, production managers, producers, engineers and artists. RAC’s Sound and Music Recording program designers, teachers and guests continue to make us proud; recording, mixing and producing projects that have won Grammy, Juno, Golden Globe and Gemini awards. These pros have worked with artists such as Sting, David Bowie, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain and Le Cirque du Soleil, to name a few. RAC Digital Media and Game Design students also benefit by learning from top New Media professionals.

RAC also uses numerous guest lecturers to provide additional views and insight in highly specialized areas of the audio recording, electronic game and digital media industries. Below is a list of some of our instructors.