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RAC provides some of the most advanced career training in Sound and Music Recording, Game Design and Digital Media.

RAC’s instructors and guest lecturers are active industry professionals working in a wide variety of disciplines. Students are plugged into a great wealth of experience via these industry pros. Guest lecturers include successful studio owners, creative directors, production managers, producers, engineers and artists. RAC’s Sound and Music Recording program designers, teachers and guests continue to make us proud; recording, mixing and producing projects that have won Grammy, Juno, Golden Globe and Gemini awards. These pros have worked with artists such as Sting, David Bowie, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain and Le Cirque du Soleil, to name a few. RAC Digital Media and Game Design students also benefit by learning from top New Media professionals.

RAC also uses numerous guest lecturers to provide additional views and insight in highly specialized areas of the audio recording, electronic game and digital media industries. Below is a list of some of our instructors.

James Clemens-Seely

Lecturer Since graduating from McGill University's acclaimed Sound Recording graduate program, James Clemens-Seely has worked with a large variety of world-class artists, recording, editing and mixing albums for such record labels as Sony Classics, Analekta, and Deutsche Grammophon. During his studies, James spent three summers as a senior audio fellow at the Tanglewood Music Festival, recording and amplifying concerts by such artists as James Taylor, Yo-Yo Ma, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. As an active freelancer in and around Montreal, James regularly works on concert and studio recordings, numerous feature film and television scores, as well as regularly working in a huge variety of live sound contexts.

Brett Leonard

Lecturer Brett Leonard is a recording engineer, researcher and audio educator. He holds a BA in Music from California Lutheran University and a Masters of Music from New York University's Music Technology program. Brett also spent time at the Aspen Music festival, under the instruction of Ron Streicher and John Eargle. Mr. Leonard is currently an instructor and PhD candidate in the Sound Recording area at McGill University. His current focus is one acoustic music recording and research on small room acoustics for recording & mixing.

Jean-Philippe Nault

Lecturer Possessing a Bachelor's degree in electro-acoustics from Concordia University, when Jean-Philippe is not teaching he devotes his time to recording, mixing and producing numerous bands in recording studios in Montreal. He also works for several audio-visual companies all across eastern Canada.

Boris Petrowski

Lecturer Holding a Master's degree in composition from University of Montreal, Boris is a composer, sound designer and artistic director. Boris has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Michel Legrand, Alain Lefevre, Zachary Richard, Richard Rayney (the Rock band U2) Jean Leloup, Suzi Arioli and many others who have worked at MIXART studio, which Boris owns and manages. He's presently arranging songs for the duo Jean François Breau & Marie-Ève Janvier and Marie-Hélène Thibert. He's also composing the sound track for a feature film, to be released in summer 2013, while also producing a children’s album and local artists and musical scores for advertisement.

Carlos Prieto

Lecturer Holder of a Master's degree in sound recording from McGill University, Carlos is the head sound engineer of the Canadian record label ATMA Classique. His recordings have received Felix awards (ADISQ), Opus prizes (CMQ), and one Juno awards including the following for 2013: Classical album of the year- vocal or choral performance-Prima Donna by Karina Gauvin, Ensemble Arion under the direction of Alexander Weimann, as well as Classical album of the year- solo or chamber ensemble- Levant by Amici chamber ensemble, along with several nominations in these academies, and countless positive reviews. He specializes in production, recording, and post-production of Music, continues to record Canadian and international artists, and dedicates spare time to building audio equipment.

Kyria Kilakos

Lecturer After studying for three years in anthropology at Concordia University, Kyria later co-founded Indica Records, one of Canada's leading and most successful young independent labels where she acts as General Manager. For over 10 years now, Indica has been producing and promoting indie artists from Canada: Half Moon Run, Caracol, Colin Moore, Grimskunk, Les Trois Accords, Les Vulgaires Machins and abroad Phantogram, Joseph Arthur, Kim Churchill. Indica Records has grown to include a management, touring and publishing division. Armed with the mandate of supporting independent releases for great touring bands lacking major label support in Canada, Kyria has expanded her activities and repertoire to encompass a variety of genres including folk, pop, indie, world and electro-rock.

Eric Gaskell

Lecturer Eric has a PhD from the Sound Recording program from McGill University. His independent sound engineering projects have led him to work across Canada, the United States and Germany. An active researcher, lecturer, guest speaker and sound engineer, Eric's extraordinary knowledge goes beyond merely manipulating devices; he also creates them. Winner of the prestigious Thermionic Culture Pullet prize, his contributions to the audio culture is highly valued and regarded by his peers.

Simon l’Espérance

Instructor Creative musician, composer and producer, Simon’s work is touching rock, jazz. pop and world music and also scoring for multimedia. Recording and mixing engineer at Studio Victor since 2006 he participated in numerous albums and recording sessions with a lot of local artists (Gilles Vigneault, Isabelle Boulay, Daniel Bélanger, Larry Coryell, Yves Nadeau, Rick Ayworth, Carl Bastien, André Lambert, Yannick Rieu, Michael Deleany, Billy Savoslky, Jocelyn Tellier, Dumas, Les Cowboy Fringants, Louis Legault, Pierre Rémillard, Gotta Lago and many more...). He has a bachelor degree in popular music at UQAM (guitar), a Music Production certificate at Berklee School of Music and he is now completing his Master degree in Orchestration for Film and TV also at Berklee. Simon is guitar player for Lazarus Heart band tribute to Sting and The Police as well as many other musical projects. He his a founding member of KARCIUS, progressive rock band touring the world for the last 10 years with four albums that are a well renown in the progressive music scene.

Geneviève Cyr

Lecturer Gen Holds a Bachelor's in Electro-Acoustic Music, and a Master's in Audio Production from the University of Westminster, in London, UK. Genevieve recently moved to Montreal after working and studying in the UK for a few years. Most recently she was commissioned for a project for RedBull Music Academy, which involved touring around the world interviewing artists and providing location recording and post-production for the project. She has also provided post-production and sound design for several festival short films and animations, as well as recording and mixing services for a variety of musicians. With an extensive musical background and many years studio experience, she specializes as a recording and mixing engineer.

Alexandre Perron

Lecturer Alex holds a Bachelor's in Electro-Acoustic Composition from the University of Montreal with a Minor in Digital Music. He was an Erasmus student in Music, Technology and Innovation from De Montfort University in Leicester, GB. He is specialised in audio production, studio recording and mixing. He performed, recorded and promoted his music in different countries. His music achievements include, among others, a feature on the music website Kings of A&R, Music Director for the University of Montreal's Digital Music's show at Divan Orange, Co-founder of Le Cercle des Etudiants en Musique Numeriques de l'Universite de Montréal, Release of his own music under the name Alex Rights, Sound engineer for sound installation at the Cube theater in Leicester. Alex is the co-founder of the label Coffee & Keys, and plays in the band Folks & Pines.

Olivier Lepage-Applin

Lecturer Olivier is a professional saxophon player and a composer. He holds a Bachelor degree in Music Saxophon Jazz from Laval University, as well as Masters Degree in Music from Laval University. Oliver teaches saxophon. He also co-founded Tryptique Audio, a studio specializing in audio post-production and music composition. His skills have let him to work sound and music for many productions in different media, from short films to theater.

Jean-Philippe Belley

Lecturer Jean-Philippe holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Quebec, is completing a Bachelor in Digital Music from Montreal University and completed a minor in Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University in England. He is teaching audio production with Ableton Live at Montreal University, for the University's cultural activities. He has recently founded a music label with Alexandre Perron. Also, he holds a YouTube channel/Label to promote artists from Montreal and around the world. He mostly makes electronic music, however he help producing different albums (Folks & Pines, Black Givres, Alex Rights, etc).

Guy Dubuisson

Lecturer Guy holds an ACS in computer aided audio conception, a Bachelor degree in business administration with a concentration in management information from HEC and a Masters degree in management science from HEC. He started his music production company (Espaz Miouzik) in 1996. He has been involved for years in the techno-pedagogy unit at HEC and pedagogy is for him a passion as are audio and technologies. He has worked with reputed artists such as Ian Kelly, Doba, Elias Kokou Damawou, Escape. The album "Speak Your Mind" he has worked on, has been certified Gold in 2011. The album "La Hora de la Verdad" from the cuban band Escape, has won the best Metal Album for 2012 at Cubadisco. Guy has been nominated twice at the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne in France, a festival whose focus is on audio and music. He left with the award from the public in 2009.
Within Espaz Miouzik, he has been involved in projects with the Cirque du Soleil, the STM, City of Montreal, Loto-Québec, Jet Films, Shoot Studio, Production Vic Pelletier, MUHC Foundation, different Quebec ministries and Algorithme Pharma. His projects cover diverse sectors from theatre to film, television, documentary and advertising.

Romain Dumoulin

Lecturer Romain holds a master's degree in acoustic engineering at the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. Romain has collaborated with the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto with research on acoustic modeling facilities and sound reinforcement systems. He has been collaborating since 2011 with the district of Plateau Mont-Royal on the management of music noise in music locations. In September 2011, he joined the Research Chair in acoustic CRITIAS of École de Technologie Supérieure to develop a platform for acoustic measurements using smart mobile phones. Alongside his research, he works as a consultant in architectural and environmental acoustics.

Ali Mafi

Lecturer After completing his engineering degree in computer security, Ali abruptly abandoned sciences to work at promoting events for Red Bull in the American Midwest. Since 2009, he is the witness of the radiation of Quebec culture (English and French) and ensures the protection, preservation and promotion of the rights of more than 3,000 performers (singers, musicians, orchestras) in Canada and worldwide.

Rachel Bou-Serhal

Lecturer Rachel is an electrical engineer with experience in research in linear and nonlinear control systems, signal processing, mathematics and engineering labs. She holds a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in electrical engineering from Michigan State university where she also acted as a graduate teaching assistant. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at ETS where she is involved in research in speech bandwidth extension and vocal effort coding for radio communication. Rachel is creative and project-oriented with an open mind and an immense passion for learning and sharing her knowledge.

Félix Brochier

Lecturer With an extensive knowledge in administration (M.Sc. in Management from McGill university and HEC in Paris) and in Web (Google, consulting and development for numerous music companies in Montreal, as an independent contractor), Felix Brochier is a professional consultant in the use of new media in the music industry. He is currently in charge of web distribution, contracts and royalties for Indica Records. He operates also as an agent for independent artists (Pawa Up First, Kevin Thompson, Kim Churchill). As a musician trained at Centre National de Musique Baroque in Versailles, he has played and plays the horn and trumpet with many artists from Montreal, Australia and France (Half Moon Run, Pawa Up First, Kevin Thompson, Kim Churchill, Dany Placard, Colin Moore, Gazoline, Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier, etc.)

Jean-François Cardin

Lecturer Jean-Francois Cardin has been working in the arts for over 15 years. Having taught drama at school and acted as facilitator for student life, he knows pedagogy. He made his debut in the world of music as a show promoter when he started a business. For the last five, he has been working as an artist manager at Indica Records and Iguana Management.

Antoine Bernier

Lecturer Antoine Bernier is a researcher with a background in electrical engineering and experience in academic, government and business research. His multidisciplinary research projects led him to master several areas such as signal processing, acoustics, active control, electronics and psychoacoustics. His passion for the creative process of research, combined with his practical mind and desire to work for the good of the community led him to undertake a masters degree and a doctorate, designed to solve several problems associated with hearing protection, many workers and professional musicians are afflicted with. On top of this combination of values and motivations, his strong interest in education, and his practical mind evolving in a technical and scientific environment helped him develop a great interest for scientific popularization.

Benjamin Gendron-Smith

Lecturer Benjamin is a sound engineer who won the MusiCounts Fred Sherratt Award in 2012. He earned his master's degree in Sound Recording from McGill University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Montreal with a minor in digital audio. He acts as a mixer, sound recordist and sound editor for various documentaries and TV shows including "Partir Autrement", "The Trouble with Experts" for the CBC, etc. He recorded Canadian music for the Naxos label, and he recorded and mixed studio sessions and live concerts for The Sam Roberts Band, Blue Rodeo, All Star Brass, etc., for the Centre Banff and mixed sound for several television series: ""Les Francs-Tireurs", "La Vie en Vert", "Curieux Bégin", "Légitime Dépense", "Au Nom du Sport", "Comment Survivre aux Weekends” for CBC, TVA, Télé-Québec, CBC, etc.

Arthur Malet

Lecturer After studying advertising and communication, Arthur started in the music industry at Universal Music France. He participated in the organization of many showcases and signings for major artists. After a short stint at the A & R department of Warner Music in Paris, he moved to Toronto then Montreal where he now works for Indica Records. He acts as the Communications Officer for the label's artists and he is passionate about graphics art, styles of music and alternative arts.

Simon Jodoin

Lab Instructor/Lecturer An RAC graduate, Simon is the head technician at MEGA-REX studio located on the south shore of Montreal. He also works in live sound and regularly performs as a musician. Simon was recently appointed by Martin Deschamps to choose equipment for his new studio.

Nicolas Gendron-Kebreau

Lab Instructor A RAC graduate, Nicolas is a recording technician, a producer, sound designer, and sound engineer, involved in various projects as an independent worker. Nicolas is also an author-songwriter-performer, giving an opportunity to students to take advantage of his skills.

Justin Wiley

Lab Instructor An accomplished musician, Justin obtained a bachelor of music degree at the University of Western Ontario before studying at RAC. Justin has a vast knowledge of both music and audio across a variety of genres that he passes along to students. He works currently as a drummer for numerous Montreal based groups/ artists, and as a freelance live sound technician and recording/mixing engineer. Justin's music degree specializes in music education and he has eight years of experience teaching private music lessons to students from across Canada.

Joël Grelier

Lecturer Joel was studying for a Bachelor in History of Art while following at the same time numerous trainings at IRCAM and GRM. Joel is an independent sound engineer/sound designer working mainly for dream studios such as Marcadet, Davout, Studios de la Grande Armée as well as less known studios such as Le Chien Jaune, RectoVerso, Auvidis. Joel's craftsmanship is coveted in music and audio-post studios, as well as live sound for music and theatre venues.
On this side of the Atlantic, he was in charge of mixing the Montreal band Curse in the woods (The deals they made) and works currently as the musical director for the feature film Aurore 2 from Guillaume Lambert and Vincent Olivier. He is also began pre-production for emerging artists such as Sam Stone, the Montreal band Nebulus and the duo The Øx.

Isabelle Dussault

Lecturer Holding a master's degree in music composition of the University of Montreal, Isabelle composes and arranges various musical styles. Besides being regularly invited as a guest speaker on various aspects of acoustics, Isabelle participates in the production of numerous short films, shows and conferences while working as a musical director.

Steve Aglitti

Lecturer With a bachelor's degree in Electro-acoustic Studies at Concordia University, Steve is a composer and professional musician. He is also active in several studios in Montreal and has an extensive knowledge in electronics.

Vincent Cardinal

Lecturer With a Bachelor's degree in Electro-acoustic Composition of the University of Montreal and a Major in Physics, Vincent is specialized in Mastering. He also composes, records and edits soundtracks for various and very diverse exhibitions taking place in Montreal.

Marc Couturier

Lecturer Having completed his Bachelor in Electro-acoustics and musical technologies at Concordia University, Marc is a technician in multimedia and live sound for several festivals in the region of Montreal. He is also the head sound technician and stage technician at the Théâtre d'Aujourd’hui.

Daniel Lagacé

Lecturer Three years of studies in physics and acoustics at Concordia University and the University of Manitoba led Daniel to be the sound engineer and sound designer for various projects with The Tanuki Project, Robert Charlebois, André Gagnon, Jorane, Daniel Lavoie, and the NFB. Nowadays, Daniel is the sound designer for 26 août 2010, a movie documentary. This movie is a follow-up to 5 septembre 1962, a film tribute to some of the most renowned pioneers in the domain in the province of Quebec. He worked as well on the sound design and editing of Vapor, a short film by Kaveh Nabatian. It has recently been named amongst the top-10 2010 short films by the Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for a Genie award.

Doyuen Ko

Lecturer Holding a Master's degree in Sound Recording, Doyuen is currently in PhD2 at McGill University. Amongst his different independent sound engineering projects, Doyuen has been awarded numerous scholarships and distinguished prizes, and is also regularly invited to give conferences on a variety of subjects in the audio realm. His latest took place in Tokyo where Doyuen (and Brett Leonard) presented their unique 22.2 surround sound system for use in production for music and film. This system is the first of it’s kind in the industry.

Gabriel Chen

Lab Instructor Gabriel is a RAC graduate and guitarist in a local band. He records and mixes all of his own band's material as well as other local artists. Although he is new to the industry he loves to learn and loves to share his knowledge with the students at RAC.

Mathieu Tessier

Lecturer and Head Instructor An RAC graduate, Mathieu specializes in postproduction but also participates in the production of animated movies and independent short films as well as in several multidisciplinary artistic projects. His bright artistic traits and his profound knowledge of audio make Mathieu a coveted collaborator.

Jérémi Proulx

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate, Jérémi is very active in the live sound field, both as a musician throughout Quebec, and as a live sound technician in Montreal. As an accomplished guitarist possessing a broad knowledge of various musical styles and genres, coupled with his skills in audio, Jérémi offers a wealth of resources to all students.

Sébastien Dalphond

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate, Sébastien is a live sound technician in Montreal and in the Laurentians. He is also a musician and a composer and and makes sound recording for independent short films. The rigor and preciseness with which Sébastien approaches audio technologies have proven to be extremely beneficial to all our students.

Jessica Desjardins

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate, Jessica is an assistant sound technician at Mega-Rex studio. Jessica, a multi-talented musician (drummer, singer) has been song-writing, interpreting and playing in different bands and venues since 1998.

Lindasy Vargas

Lab Instructor Lindsay is an accomplished musician. After obtaining a degree in music, he pursued his education at RAC. Highly knowledgeable in both music and in audio, Lindsay is an independent sound technician in various venues and a music teacher in a private school.

Marc-André Daigle

Lab Instructor Guitarist in two bands, Marc-André is a RAC graduate. His solid skills and knowledge regularly bring him to record and mix projects for different bands, styles of music and venues in Montreal as well as in his native New-Brunswick.

Carl Boyer-Cléroux

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate, Carl is active in Montreal mainly as a live sound technician and as a musician and composer. He participates regularly in recording and mixing projects. His specialized skills in electronics makes Carl a important resource for students and faculty alike.

Giancarlo Da Soghe

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate, Giancarlo is an independent mixer but dedicates mainly his talents to building several studio devices like compressors, preamplifiers or any other equipment useful for music recording.

Alyson Neumann

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate and musician since the age of four, Aly is very active in the live sound field both as a multi-instrumentalist and as a live sound technician. She interned for award-winning producer Peter Dimilo for one year but has been too occupied with her own musical projects to continue this internship. Aly has also completed the project of recording full length albums and demos (recording, mixing, and mastering) for local bands and has plans to take on two more this summer. Recently listed in the top ten of Cult MTL’s “Best of MTL 2013” for the category of “busker” and participating in the 2012 & 2013 “Etoiles du Metro” program, Aly’s involvement in the music scene is much more than a full time job!

Jean-Sébastien Laliberté

Lab Instructor Jean-Sébastien, an RAC graduate, is a drummer and sound technician for various events in Montreal. His original approach to music and the use of its different devices give students a sense of freshness and constant renewal when guiding them through their apprenticeship.

Daniel Bossé

Lab Instructor An RAC graduate, Daniel makes a career in both live sound and studio recording. He is also very active on Montreal’s stages as a musician for numerous groups, both established and emerging. Dan is almost finished his degree to become an elementary teacher.

Carl Horton, Campus Director

Carl brings over 30 years of music education experience to RAC as a music faculty member of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario and as a co-author of the music appreciation curriculum Sound All Around. Having written and produced award winning music for advertising (500 + commercials), scores for numerous films and television series (NBC, CTV, Life, Bravo), Carl is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with RAC students.

Mario Pietrangeli, B.A. LL.B. LL.M. (Music Industry)

Mario enjoyed a successful career as a litigation lawyer for more than 25 years. His practice involved a broad range of cases, including disputes arising from copyright and other entertainment law issues. Throughout his legal career, Mario also pursued a parallel course as an active musician, songwriter and performer, and became increasingly involved in music recording. In 2011, Mario retired from the active practice of law (he remains a member in good standing of the Law Society) to focus on his musical and recording interests full-time. Mario owns and operates Downtown Sound Recording Studios, located in Hamilton, Ontario. Mario joined RAC faculty in 2013 as an Instructor in Music Industry. His experience and knowledge in the legal and music worlds combine to provide students with unique insights into the music business.

Rob Sanzo (Audio Consoles, Sound Reinforcement, Signal Processing)

Rob has worked with a number of successful artists including Sum 41 and Danko Jones. Many of the acts Rob has worked with have gone on to produce Gold Records. Rob owned and operated Signal to Noise studios in Toronto after graduating from Ryerson University. Rob's patient and skilled style of instruction is greatly appreciated by RAC students.

Justin Rodin-Lehmann (Aesthetics)

Since graduating from Mohawk College with an Advanced Diploma in Jazz Performance where he studied arranging, jazz composition, and advanced jazz theory, Justin has become an active session bass player throughout the Greater Toronto Area and has been a featured artist on the Jazzology series on JAZZ-FM. He has toured Canada, logging hundreds of performances for a variety of artists. When not supporting other artists or teaching at RAC, Justin writes and produces his own music.

Matt Glover (Computers & Music)

Since graduating from RAC in 2010, Matt has worked with members of Sloan, Broken Social Scene and Cancerbats. Matt is the guitarist for the band Burn Down Your Home Town and also works as an engineer and technician at Phoebe Street Studio. He has frequently worked as assistant engineer for fellow RAC instructor Rob Sanzo on numerous independent projects as well as the band Dearly Beloved’s albums Hawk vs. Pigeon and Enduro. Matt’s first priority is the student’s experience at RAC.

Nava Jakubovicz, M. Ed. (Music Industry, HR and Career Consultant)

Nava holds a Master of Education degree in Applied Psychology, Assessment and Counseling from the University of Toronto with over 25 years experience in the Educational and Career Consulting field. Nava leads an interactive Career Management Workshop with the Sound and Music Recording students to help them better prepare for managing their careers. As a seasoned professional, always open to innovations and changes in the field, Nava helps the students understand their strengths and skills, prepare current resumes and cover letters, practice interview skills and understand a wide range of job search strategies.

Les Cooper (Studio Production Techniques)

Les is a multiple award winning Producer, Arranger, Multi-instrumentalist and Songwriter. His compositions and productions have been featured on television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, The L Word , Fringe and One Tree Hill.  His productions have won several awards including a recent Juno for "The Good Lovelies" most recent album and a Juno win for Meaghan Smith. He has had several Juno nominations for other projects including Madison Violet and Jill Barber and has  received critical acclaim across North America, Europe and Australia. Les has composed commissions for Symphony Nova Scotia as well as several works for Canadian artists such as Jill Barber, Andy Stochansky, Craig Cardiff, Meaghan Smith and David Myles. 

Brian Nevin (Audio Consoles, Recording Techniques, Post Production)

With platinum and gold records to his credit, and over 30 years as a recording engineer, Brian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom. Having worked in all facets of audio production, the bulk of his work has been mixing music for 5.1 feature films, documentaries, and television (Relic Hunter, Mutant X, Franklin). His list of credits is long, many of which can be viewed on his IMDB profile. Brian provides a depth of understanding to the real world applications that are taught at RAC. His affiliation with many of the local recording studios (Keen Music, Q-Music, Phase One), and the Screen Composer’s Guild of Canada, also helps to open doors for program graduates.

Tim Des Islet, BA (Music Industry)

Tim is a key member of the Canadian artist management company Bumstead Productions based out of Toronto. With achievements in cultivating Canadian talent that has reached audiences both at home and abroad, Tim co-manages an award-winning roster of artists that includes The Trews, Tim Chaisson, The Lazys, and Poor Young Things.

Matt Frewen, Hon B Mus (Acoustics)

Matt Frewen is a musician and engineer from London, Ontario. Holding an Honours Bachelor of Music degree (B.Mus) from Western University, Matt has a unique perspective to sound as both a percussionist and music educator. Having performed both classically and for various indie music festivals such as NXNE, and CMW, Matt is a rounded session musician and live performer. As an Acoustics instructor, Matt explores topics related to studio design, the building blocks of synthesis, and the properties of sound physics.

Grant McCauley, Program Coordinator

Grant is a music producer/composer, musician and video editor. His music has been featured on Celebrity Big Brother (UK), Storage Wars Canada, Biker TV, the Toronto Independent Film Festival, short films and for recording artists. Grant was assistant engineer to Juno award winning engineer Jeff Wolpert at Kick Audio and Desert Fish Studios in Toronto. He's worked with The Tenors, David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Amy Skye as well as big band and orchestral recordings for TV and film. Grant is a graduate of Recording Arts Canada 2008.

Guillermo Subauste, Lecturer / Lab Instructor

Guillermo is a Sound Engineer from Lima, Peru. At seventeen he recorded his first album and began studying Sound Engineering. After completing his studies he worked at Soho Studios in Lima, recording albums and undertaking post production for TV and radio commercials. In 2007 Guillermo relocated to The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, where he collaborated with top producers in both studio and live sound for musicians such as Jane Bunnett, Michael Kaeshammer, The Bad Plus, Dave Douglas, and Yosvanni Terry. After two years in Banff, Guillermo returned to Peru and worked at Starfactory Peru. At this time he was also touring as the Front of House Engineer for the Peruvian band Adammo for audiences of up to 100,000 people. Adammo has received nominations for the Latin Grammys and the MTV Europe Music Awards, and was the recipient of an MTV Latin America Award. Guillermo has also mixed bands including MXPX, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Youth of Today, K’naan and more. Now based in Toronto, Guillermo works as the Front of House engineer for The Sadies, touring with them in Canada, USA and Europe. His band’s first album, Dolly Shot, in which he plays drums and also records and is in charge of the mixing will be released soon.

Scott Hanenberg, Lecturer

Scott is an active composer and arranger/orchestrator in Toronto, and teaches the Aesthetics of Music course here at RAC. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Queen’s University where he studied guitar, as well as theory and composition. At Queen’s, Scott completed his First String Quartet, which has been performed by the Tokai Quartet. Since graduating, he has written an Oboe Concerto, many small chamber works, and is currently recording a full-length album with his four-piece jazz band.

Stephen Traub, Lecturer

Stephen is a Senior Mixing Engineer, having held that post with Crunch Recording in Toronto for many years. Stephen lectures at the College on a part-time basis. With over 20 years of front line experience, combined with over 12 years of teaching, he has developed a superb training style that imparts very complex material in an easy to understand manner.

Bruce Fleming, Lecturer

Bruce comes to us from the Audio for Television arena (Alliance Atlantis, Manta Sound) with a 20+ year history in the industry. Bruce owns and operates a studio in Toronto. Teaching at the College on a part-time basis, Bruce provides an excellent introduction to the various elements of Post Production Audio work.

Bill Banham, Lecturer

Bill is the former President of Virgin Music Canada. Bill's lectures in RAC's Music Business course help our students acquire critical information related to the creation, distribution, and protection of content. RAC is pleased to have an experienced person like Bill sharing his knowledge with our students.

Jules DaBoll, Lab Instructor

Since graduating from RAC, Jules has been working as a senior audio engineer at Technicolor, a global giant in film and television production. With extensive experience working in audio-post for film and tv for the past 10 years, Jules possesses great insight into production, and passes that knowledge onto RAC students.

Game Design and Digital Media Faculty


Barry Nanthaveth, Instructor

Having worked on shipped games for the Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP, and currently a game developer at Erratic Games, Barry has a penchant for making fun, and interactive games. With 10 years of computer programming experience, and a focus on creativity, Barry's approach to game creation is appreciated by students.

Jason MacIsaac, Instructor

A writer, designer, educator, Jason MacIsaac has been in the videogame industry since 1995. He started out as a game designer for Microforum, where he did script, dialogue and design. In 1996, he became Editor-in-Chief of Gamesmania, then a multi-lingual videogame magazine. He has written for the The Globe & Mail and Digital Journal. Jason currently serves as the Executive Editor of ElecPlay.com, the official website of The Electric Playground, the long-running videogame and entertainment TV show hosted by Victor Lucas. He also sits on the Steering Committee for the Toronto Chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

Milan Pavlovic, Instructor

Holds a master’s degree in illustration. He is an award-winning illustrator/graphic designer specializing in illustrations for children, advertising, animation, editorials and comics. Milan has 9 solo shows and over 50 group shows under his belt, and has his work regularly published in Europe.

Larry Adlon, Instructor

With a fine arts degree from York University, Larry began his career in the early '90s creating the wacky computer generated segments for the ‘Beetlejuice’ cartoon series, and ‘Robocop’ the series. With animated effects for a variety of commercials and shows under his belt, he later moved on to create visual effects and monitor display animations as part of the in-house effects crew for a variety of television series.

Andrew Woloszyn, Instructor

Holding a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Andrew has always been an avid gamer and was always curious as to how they function. His industry experience includes lead programmer for Frozen North Productions and is currently the Lead programmer at Digital Extreme.

Teodora Ilie, Instructor

An Honours graduate of McMaster University with a combined degree in Multimedia, Theatre and Film, Teodora has worked as an assistant director on such productions such as ‘Billy Bishop Goes to War’, ‘Molotov’, and ‘Breaking Point’. Teodora has worked on features and short films around the country.

Lyndsey Westfall, Instructor

With a bachelors degree in Marketing and Public relations from George Brown college, Lyndsey is an Advertising and social media expert whose marketing work experience range from MySpace, MSN, Nike, and the MMVA’s. Students benefit from Lyndsey’s organized and professional style of teaching.

Hafiz Kassam, Instructor

With more than 10 years of game programming experience with such companies as E-axis.com Inc. and Cerebral Vortex Games, Hafiz is a Graduate in Game Design from IAOD. Hafiz is a rarity in the Game Design world because not only is he a game programmer, he is also a designer. Hafiz runs his own company, named Q- Kmber games. Hafiz has had many various Flash games published such a ‘Froggy Feast’ and ‘Chicken Jockey’.

Aaron Ong, Instructor

Aaron’s work experience is one that spans different mediums. As well as working as a character and level designer for various Video games, he has also worked as a Storyboard artist. Aaron is also currently creating his own comic book that will be available later this year.



RAC reserves the right to change instructional staff without notice.