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Recording and Mixing Studios and Theatres

In each of RAC Montréal’s 4 recording studios, we have small to medium format digital and analog audio consoles. It is on a variety of formats that all basic to advanced level concepts are taught by our instructional staff. All studios are equipped with Mac computers, the latest versions of DAWs, and an assortment of auxiliary equipment. Students gain hands-on experience miking instruments, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. As these competences are developed, students are able to transfer these skills and this knowledge to numerous production formats. Regardless of the size, age or model of equipment, RAC grads are able to face the challenges of: post-production work for film, TV, and interactive games; studio recording; broadcast production; and live sound reinforcement.


Studio A

Studio A’s control room is a mix theatre layout featuring a medium format digital console, latest generation DAW, and numerous processing devices. It was built with a very advanced “floating studio” design. Connected to it is a large live sound room. This set-up permits a number of activities including band recording, Foley, student labs, inspiring technology demonstrations and insightful tutorials given by our instructors. It’s like an observation gallery and top-notch studio wrapped into one. RAC students, guests and musicians have plenty of room to witness a production in progress. From microphone placement up to the final mastering of a project, RAC students and guest musicians profit from this professional studio.

Studio B

Studio B has a 32 channel analog console, latest generation DAW, and several signal processing devices. The attached live room and control room theatre seating is perfect for sessions, student labs, tutorials, and demonstrations. Studio B is ideal for exploring the analog realm, which is critical for the understanding of the fundamental concepts that are transferable across digital and virtual platforms. The elaborate analog patch bay in Studio B is just one example of this.



Studio C

Studio C is a warm and sophisticated working environment with all the tools required to host anything from a simple project up to a demanding professional job. Equipped with a mid size digital mixer, powerful Mac computer, industry standard digital I/O interface, MIDI keyboard controller, internal digital processors, and a magnificent view over old Montreal, this environment is perfectly suited for editing, mixing, production and post-production work.

Studio D

Studio D hosts 5 stations, each equipped with a small format Yamaha digital mixer/controller, powerful Mac computers, industry standard digital I/O interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers, and plenty of DSP. Able to host 10 to 15 students at a time, Studio D is a great studio lab where students can work in pairs to compare, discuss and collaborate on their sound and music recording projects.



Computer Lab Studio

The 22 individual stations in the computer lab at RAC are each equipped with powerful Mac computers, industry standard digital I/O interfaces, and MIDI keyboard controllers. Digital Performer, Pro Tools and Reason software is installed on each station as host to both digital and “virtual” platforms. In our computer labs, RAC students transform creative inspirations into fabulous and impressive results. The only limit is one’s imagination. Mixing, editing, sound designing and composing are only a few of the learning outcomes achieved by the willing and creative student in our computer lab studio.