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Welcome to Recording Arts Canada

Founded in 1984, RAC’s colleges in Toronto and Montreal provide an inspiring learning experience for those who believe they were meant to be creative. Students from around the world come to RAC for the opportunity to learn how to create impressive sounds, digital content, and interactive games.

RAC students receive extensive hands-on instruction from industry professionals in RAC’s state of the industry studios and labs. Our Recording Arts School, Digital Media School and Game Design School will equip you with the tools you need to start the career you've always dreamed of.

At RAC, creativity is fostered through inspiration, skilled guidance and first-class facilities. Our programs of study are designed with the help of the top technology companies, industry leaders, and artists in music, sound, digital media, and electronic game development. Many members of the RAC team have engineered, mixed and produced projects that have gone on to win Grammy, American Music, Billboard and Juno awards, further testament to the great depth of the college.

Our history

Recording Arts Canada started out in 1980 as a studio known as ARP Track Productions, recording and producing indie bands, commercials and made for tv film sound tracks. As a beta tester in the mid to late 80's for revolutionary audio technology companies like Digidesign (the original Sound Designer software, now the esteemed Pro Tools), E-MU, MOTU's Digital Performer, and many other products, RAC has been home to the latest and greatest developments in sound and music technology for over 30 years.

In 1989 RAC expanded into Quebec and built a world class resort studio and boutique college in the picturesque Laurentian village of Ste-Anne-des-Lacs. Many multi-million selling artists worked at RAC's SADL studio, including Shania Twain, Cirque du Soleil and Sarah McLachlan. Dozens of other award winning projects were recorded or mixed at RAC.

Since those days, RAC has grown to offer three highly specialized, highly unparalleled programs at campuses in Toronto and Montreal. Our campuses are located at the heart of two of Canada’s most dynamic musical communities and is home to over 60 studios, workstations, and labs collectively. Students from around the globe attend RAC in pursuit of careers in the digital arts, and we’re proud to call RAC home to an alumni group consisting of thousands of successful graduates spanning 34 years.

Recording Arts Canada is Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 (Ontario) and a registered private college with the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport (MELS) in Québec. As a testament to the long standing and excellent reputation of RAC campuses, in Ontario financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. For students in Quebec and other provinces, students at our colleges may be eligible for various forms of financial assistance, including Canada Student Loans, Québec Loans & Grants, RESP Plans, Employment Insurance, Aboriginal Funding Programs, Second Career, and other forms of assistance. RAC’s Key Performance Indicators, as audited by the MTCU in Ontario, rank amongst the highest overall of any digital arts college and audio school.

Our vision

At RAC we believe it is the primary responsibility of the College to help shape an ambitious person into a skilled professional who understands the requirements and realities of the industry they seek to enter. RAC’s professional and academic culture is very focused, disciplined and creative. Our students and staff proudly embody the attributes of this unique learning culture. We've developed the best possible learning environment for those who believe they were meant to be creative.

RAC students work with powerful digital platforms and interactive technologies. Most of our training is delivered in our studios and labs, working side by side with our instructional staff. RAC's Game Design and Digital Media students spend 100% of their time in front of their lab workstation. Our Sound and Music Recording students spend over 50% of their time studios and labs, with the balance held in RAC's multimedia lecture theatres.

We believe there is no substitute for getting your hands on great equipment and having continuous guidance. If you are searching for an innovative learning atmosphere, RAC's colleges in Toronto and Montreal offer highly focused, hands-on education in an exciting college environment.

Our philosophy

At RAC we teach concepts and principles anchored to core learning objectives. This approach helps our students develop skills built on a solid foundation.

These concepts and skills are fully transferable across multiple technological platforms. This means you, the student, are versatile and ready to work in a variety of environments upon graduating from RAC, equipped with a great toolset of professional fundamentals. RAC’s role as Educators is to help students: evolve professionally and creatively in a rapidly changing industry. develop the right skills, attitude, protocol, and long term commitment. help creative individuals turn their dreams into careers.