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About usWelcome to RAC (Recording Arts Canada), a leader in professional training for:

Founded in 1984, RAC’s colleges in Toronto and Montreal provide an inspiring learning experience for those who believe they were meant to be creative. Students from around the world come to RAC for the opportunity to learn how to create impressive sounds, digital content, and interactive games.

RAC students receive extensive hands-on instruction from industry professionals in RAC’s state of the industry studios and labs. Our Recording Arts School, Digital Media School and Game Design School will equip you with the tools you need to start the career you've always dreamed of. 

At RAC creativity is fostered through inspiration, skilled guidance and first-class facilities. Our programs of study are designed with the help of the top technology companies, industry leaders, and artists in music, sound, digital media, and electronic game development. Many members of the RAC team have engineered, mixed and produced projects that have gone on to win Grammy and Juno awards, further testament to the great depth of the college.

RAC's Sound and Music Recording students learn how to:

  • Create sensational sound designs for film, tv, and electronic games
  • Cut great audio and music tracks for various applications
  • Create hip sounds and grooves in all styles of music.
  • Operate industry standard studio software and hardware

RAC's Digital Media students immerse themselves in the creation of truly impressive digital graphic designs using the latest 3D, interactivity, authoring, production, editing and simulation tools.

RAC's Game Design students learn 2D Animation for games, 3D animation, audio for games, graphic design, level design, project management, and other great subjects that help form a creative interactive game design pro.

RAC is a Digital Arts college that provides a very progressive and ambitious learning experience in these creative arts. If you are searching for an opportunity to be creative, RAC is for you. Our colleges in Toronto and Montreal are designed for those of you who want to work with sound, music, digital images and interactive concepts so bad that you can taste it.

Welcome to our world.

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